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Wiawso Diocese is tantamount to the Western North Region of Ghana which is typically a rain forest region. It has a total land area of 8,696 square kilometres.
The diocese is bounded by eight dioceses. It is bounded by Sunyani diocese to the north; Goaso to the north-east; Kumasi Archdiocese to the east; Obuasi diocese to the south-east; Cape Coast diocese to the south; Sekondi-Takoradi diocese to the south; then the diocese of Grand Bassam and Abenguro both in the Republic of the La Cote D’Ivore to the west.

Administrative set up (Political and Traditional)
There are nine administrative municipalities/districts located in the diocese. They are Wiawso Municipality, Bibiani-Ahwiaso-Bekwai Municipality, Aowin Municipality, Suaman District, Juaboso District, Bodi District, Akontombra District, Bia West District and Bia East District. There are also six paramount (traditional) seats in the Diocese: Anhwiaso, Bekwai, Sefwi Wiawso, Aowin, Suaman and Chirano.

Population and Religious Denominations
The total population in the Diocese is estimated to be 907,116.

Religious denominations
The Catholic Diocese of Wiawso is located in an area where the population is composed of Christians, Muslims and Traditional adherents.  The total number of baptized Catholics is 106,385. Members of other Christian denominations are estimated to be 648,592.  Followers of non-Christian religions are also estimated to be 152,139. The total number of non-Catholics is 800,731.  All the religious denominations in the Diocese co-exist peacefully.

Wiawso diocese lies in one of the richest regions in Ghana, endowed with mineral resources and an abundance of forest. Due to the wealth of these resources, there is a large presence of multinational companies in the mining of these minerals such as gold and bauxite and lumbering.  Additionally, cocoa purchasing companies are scattered all over the diocese.

Despite the rich natural resources and the huge revenue generated from the major economic activities undertaken, the catchment area of the diocese is grossly neglected in terms of socio-economic development.  Road network, water and sanitation, health and educational facilities though improving, are woefully inadequate.

Languages and Occupation
The main languages spoken by the people are Sefwi, Brussa, Suaman and Anyii.  However, due to migration a variety of languages is now spoken in the Diocese.  In view of this, the general population in the Diocese can be described as heterogeneous.

The people in the Diocese are generally subsistence farmers.  A few of them are traders, artisans, commercial drivers and very few of them are in the white collar jobs.

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The Catholic Diocese of Wiawso is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Cape Coast. The Diocese was originally part of the Diocese of Sekondi-Takoradi which in itself was carved out of the Archdiocese of Cape coast in 1969.

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