Rev. Fr. Michael Adjei Twene Donkor (St. Joseph Cathedral Parish, Wiawso)

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Kofi Opoku (St. Ambrose Parish, Kwamebikrom)

Rev. Fr. Pius Kwan Afona (Immaculate Conception Rectorate, Atronsu)

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Abare Nyame (Blessed Virgin Mary Parish, Adabokrom)

Rev. Fr. Vincent Afukah Nyame (St. Joseph Parish, Afere)

The rite of ordination was conferred on them with due consideration to canon 1031p1 which states "the priesthood may be conferred only upon those who have completed their 25th year of age, and possess a sufficient maturity; an interval of at least six months between diaconate and priesthood have been observed".

The prelate in his homily highlighted sacrifice as central to the Catholic priesthood saying, "the uniqueness of the Catholic priesthood derives from its sacrificial aspect". "Priests should learn from Jesus, the high priest, who offered himself for the salvation of humankind", he advised. He stated further that a priest who cannot make meaningful sacrifices cannot be a good priest.

"Absurdities in the priesthood arise when the aspect of sacrifice in the priesthood is suppressed", he said. "That the priest's sole aim is to chase after material prosperity is absurd. That he is unforgiving is absurd", he bemoaned. He again advised the priests that if the faithful are right to demand quality education, quality health care among others from the government, then they are equally right to demand quality priesthood from the Church.

He assured the newly ordained priests of God's constant support in difficult moments. They will succeed if they deepen their relationship with God.

He appealed to the faithful to set good examples for their children. He again asked them to pray for the priests and in addition offer financial assistance for their formation.

It was a joyous occasion since this is the largest number (seven) of young men the diocese has ever ordained into the priesthood.