The homily which highlighted a ‘Call to Service' was preached on behalf of the bishop by Rev. Fr. Samuel Nkuah Boateng. In his homily, he thanked God for calling the candidates to share in the ministry of Christ and congratulated them for accepting God's call to service in his Church. For him, every person has received a call from God to serve. That is why is important for each person to reflect upon the kind of service they render to God and humanity today. He continued that any authentic service ought to be rendered to God through humanity. Using the words of Pope Francis he said that authentic service to God and humanity is divinely sacrosanct. It therefore not to be taken lightly.

Turning his attention to the candidates, he reminded them that after the ceremony they will be addressed as ‘Reverend’, but the position of service is not about title but that of sacrifice. They should always know that their call to service in God's Church and to humanity at large is purely by grace. This knowledge should drive them to humble service in God’s vineyard. They should take their duties as deacons seriously to realize the goals of the new evangelization. To do this, they should study the word of God and teach it well to others.

He said further that there may be challenges but they should trust in God's Providence. If there is anything to be afraid of, they should be afraid of fatigue and their inclinations that do not accord with the commandments of God. Their deeds, he said, must be louder than their words in order to be effective ministers of God. He reminded them again that their stage is the lowest in the order of service yet it is the foundation to the highest.

He concluded by admonishing them to accept their mistakes and make amends. If they will follow God's lead he will bless them and make them useful in his service.